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Option to disable TACC use "dumb" cruise control instead. trending idea

I would like to have the option to disable TACC and use "dumb" cruise control instead.

I have experienced horrible ghost breakings. Suddenly middle of an empty road the car slammed brakes for 1 second and continued forwards. There was absolutely no reason for this breaking. If a car would have followed me it would have caused a rear-end collision.

Tesla give us the option to go with "dumb" cruise control, please.


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Cruise Control at Current Speed

When setting the cruise control, it always locks at "current speed or map indicated, whichever is faster".

There are many places in my area, where it either has inaccurate map date, or it's simple not safe to drive at the indicated speeds.

When activating the cruise control at lower speeds, this means the car starts accelerating, until I can reduce speed on the scroll wheel - every single time.

It would be nice to... more »


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Show speed of vehicle in front

One thing I really liked from my Volvo was the speed indicator showed three values in a very clever way.

- my actual speed

- my programmed speed

- and the speed of the vehicle in front of me

It was nice when approaching a slower vehicle to see just how much slower that vehicle is going. That info allows me to decide to switch lanes and pass or just ride along at that speed if it's only a little bit slower.

Ps-Volvo's... more »


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Nav on Autopilot earlier indicators

When exiting a highway using Nav on Autopilot, the car activates the indicators only moments before taking an exit. This gives drivers behind little warning and does not inspire confidence that the system will take the exit. A human driver would start indicating a few hundred meters before the exit. Nav on Autopilot should do likewise.


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Free FSD weekend

I think a lot of us who don't have FSD are interested in the option, but are worried the benefits might not be worth the price. My idea is to have "Free-FSD Week" where all tesla's on the road would be enabled to try FSD for a week. This could also be coordinated with a release of new FSD features or biannually. Not only would this give experience to drivers, but also may encourage many more people to purchase FSD.


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Tesla needs to detect cars stopped/slowing down ahead earlier

While on autopilot the Tesla needs to start braking way earlier than it currently does. At red lights in particular it keeps on the accelerator way too long and then slams the Regen and/or brakes to hard to stop.

The car should gently let off the accelerator early if it detects a stopped car ahead anticipating it having to do a full stop. The gradual slow down instead of a jerky last second stop will make people feel... more »


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Let off the throttle earlier on "Chill" mode

When driving mode is set to "Chill", instead of coming at full speed behind a stopped car, a red light, or other, be with Autopilot or FSD, plan the stop ahead, and gradually slow down instead of using full regen at the last moment.

Reasoning behind it: Regen always has losses. It is more effective to coast and gradually stop than keep accelerating and then engage full regen. It also gives a better feel that the car... more »


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Driver preference adjustments

Tesla autonomous driving software


Have range adjustments + or - by driver

In several areas

Could start off with fairly low amount of adjustment and see what the feedback is.

Lane hugging so you can adjust to your preference by a foot or two right or left

Lane change cutting off drivers

Again distance adjustment

Distance to vehicles in front

Acceleration aggression when getting on the freeway

Degree... more »


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Make sure matrix signs above the road are not detected as lights

When I drive on the highway, the matrix signs above the road (which are used when the speed limit is reduced for example during traffic jams) are detected and displays as traffic lights (see attached photo). Please make sure this is corrected.


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Autopilot Modes: Chillax Mode

Just like the only thing past ludicrous speed is plaid, Autopilot needs a mode that is beyond Chill: Chillax. Instead of driving like Walter when he's totally late for a bowling tournament, autopilot in this mode would drive more like Jeff Lebowski: just like totally chill man.

In this mode, autopilot would behave like:
-accelerate slowly as possible (ie, don't spill your beverage man)
-speed limit setting is more of... more »


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Being able to actually OWN my Full Self Driving license Purchase

Since the FSD is an additional OTA purchase, it will be great if I can transfer this capability from an old Tesla to the next one I'll buy.
Even if I have two Teslas it will be great to be able to use one FSD license on both of them (not at the same time of course). There should be a way to lock and unlock the FSD on any of the cars I own, and it is up to my discretion which of my cars will have this capability today.... more »


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Hand Detection touch sensitive steering

Please add touch sensitivity to steering wheel which detects hand or fingers, rather than asking to put pressure on steering every 30 seconds or so.

No fingers, alert the driver

10 sec wait and no hands detected, pull safely to the side and stop.

Also add gestures on this sensitive area to take actions. Without taking hands off:

- takeover steering quietly ( 4 finger wrap)

- increasing/decreasing speed (left or right... more »


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