"Drafting mode"—an easy & safe way to increase highway range

On a few long trips in the winter when range has been an issue, I've followed semi trucks at a safe distance. This can dramatically increase range for a given speed of travel by cutting down on air resistance.

The problem is that enhanced autopilot doesn't work well for this, because it always wants to change lanes to go slightly faster, and doesn't automatically follow the semi in front of me when *it* changes lanes,... more »


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Autopilot Modes: Chillax Mode

Just like the only thing past ludicrous speed is plaid, Autopilot needs a mode that is beyond Chill: Chillax. Instead of driving like Walter when he's totally late for a bowling tournament, autopilot in this mode would drive more like Jeff Lebowski: just like totally chill man.

In this mode, autopilot would behave like:
-accelerate slowly as possible (ie, don't spill your beverage man)
-speed limit setting is more of... more »


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Show speed of vehicle in front

One thing I really liked from my Volvo was the speed indicator showed three values in a very clever way.

- my actual speed

- my programmed speed

- and the speed of the vehicle in front of me

It was nice when approaching a slower vehicle to see just how much slower that vehicle is going. That info allows me to decide to switch lanes and pass or just ride along at that speed if it's only a little bit slower.

Ps-Volvo's... more »


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Option to disable TACC use "dumb" cruise control instead.

I would like to have the option to disable TACC and use "dumb" cruise control instead.

I have experienced horrible ghost breakings. Suddenly middle of an empty road the car slammed brakes for 1 second and continued forwards. There was absolutely no reason for this breaking. If a car would have followed me it would have caused a rear-end collision.

Tesla give us the option to go with "dumb" cruise control, please.


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