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RV powered by Tesla? trending idea

Ever since you came out with the Tesla Semi I have been thinking about what it would be like if RVs could be powered by Tesla. While I am not an engineer I was a producer for over 20 years and I would like the opportunity to "produce" this idea and coordinate between Tesla and RV coach builders to design a better way to "RV". You may already be working on this but I thought hey why not give it a shot and reach out. Thank... more »


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Add 'waypoints' for making multiple stops on a single trip trending idea Selected

When traveling longer distances or when your battery is lower it would be nice to enter all of the destinations you need to stop so the navigation can tell you if/where you need to charge during this trip. The function of this would act just like google maps, you could enter all your destination points in the order you need to stop at them, with the added function of routing you to chargers if needed, just like the current... more »


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reminder that bikes on top trending idea

I own a 2019 Model 3 and installed the Tesla roof rack.  I frequently put my bike on the rack.  I would love the ability to have my car remind me that a bike is on top when I approach my garage so I don't accidentally drive into it.  You would manually enable Bike-on-roof Mode.  As you approached your home the dash would alert you to remember not to drive into the garage.


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Avatar screen hold trending idea

I noticed that the avatar screen provides quite a good rear view if you manually rotate the screen (see pic). Unfortunately the view is not fixed and returns after a few seconds to the regular forward view. For better situational awareness it would be great to allow the driver to hold the rear view in place without keeping your finger on the screen. Should be an easy option to implement and improve overall safety.


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