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RV powered by Tesla?

Ever since you came out with the Tesla Semi I have been thinking about what it would be like if RVs could be powered by Tesla. While I am not an engineer I was a producer for over 20 years and I would like the opportunity to "produce" this idea and coordinate between Tesla and RV coach builders to design a better way to "RV". You may already be working on this but I thought hey why not give it a shot and reach out. Thank... more »


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Signal to Other Drivers That Autopilot is Engaged

There are numerous situations where it might be helpful to other drivers to know when Autopilot is engaged. One suggestion is to borrow from the popular 80's show, Knight Rider, and add an indicator light to the vehicle to signal that Autopilot is on. Some people suggested using the center brake light.


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Parking aid for other cars Unverified Translation

It would be great if we have our Tesla parked in line and another car wants to park behind or in front of us, our Tesla will help the other car through the parking sensors, detecting the other car and instead of emitting beeps, it will flash the lights or turn signals. longer or shorter depending on the distance, so that the other driver has extra help from Tesla


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Pothole Detection and Avoidance (aka Deep Pothole) Selected

Develop a new neural net just for potholes dubbed, Deep Pothole (or Deep Hole) purely for detecting potholes in the road. The system would upload pothole location data to the cloud, building a global map of all potholes (aka PotMap). Also autopilot would avoid the pothole automatically. Finally, if you're not using autopilot, a warning would chime if a pothole is coming.


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Make AC Charging Current adjustable via API

I am a Model 3 2020 owner located in Germany.

The AC charging current can be adjusted before and during an AC charging session from the car's center UI unit within a range from 5 to 16 A. That's great! The API allows external authenticated controllers to adjust and control some charging details (start and stop charging, target soc level), but it does not yet allow to adjust the charging current this way.

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Profile-based Odometer Tracking

It would be fun and useful if the car would record the total miles driven by each profile.


This would:

- Settle the score on who drives it the most.

-- And who drives it the most conservatively or aggressively.

- Allow for personal vs business mileage tracking. Just add another profile for activation when driving for work vs pleasure.


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Car seat and stroller

Hi! It would be great to have an option to buy a Tesla safety approved car seat for my toddler. He currently sits front facing in the Nuna Raver car seat at 2yrs old as that was how the car seat installer recommended for the Model X. However, I would prefer he remained rear facing for safety reasons until age 3-4 if possible. In addition to the car seat, I would love a Tesla compatible stroller - that folds down easily,... more »


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Energy Saving/Deep Sleep Mode

When going on a trip, Tesla should have a deep sleep mode that disables nonessential functions to save battery such as leaving it at an airport for an extended amount of time. Sentry mode should also be turned off but only turned on when somebody tries to forcefully access the car. The owner should have the ability to put the car in and out of deep sleep mode on the mobile app and the app should alert the user of how... more »


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