USB Flash Drive Port use in case of emergency touch screen fail.

Can the USB port for the flash drive be used for a USB splitter and perhaps a keyboard and mouse in the event of a touch screen failure? Wouldn't this be just a driver update to recognize the splitter,keyboard. and mouse? At least until the touch screen can be repaired in the event of a failure.emergency.


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Directional Warning Sounds from Speakers

When Tesla sounds a warning, have it come through the speaker that's in the direction of the supposed danger.
Sometimes the car can get a little paranoid and sound the alarm for something quite innocuous (such as approaching a car's rear a little too quickly, or being a little close to someone walking up on the path). If it must sound the alarm (and maybe a quieter, less ear-piercing alarm when it's less sure so we don't... more »


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Adjustable Sentry Mode Sensitivity Selected

Yesterday I had a fly in my car, and the internal movement sensor set off the car alarm three times in less than 30 mins. After I swatted the fly, no alarms for the rest of the day.

It would be nice to support (in order of my preference):

That the Sentry Mode can detect the difference between major movement in the car and unwanted insects

That I can somehow lower the sensitivity of the internal sensor manually

That... more »


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Paid DLC: upgrade SR+ to Premium interior

Given that Tesla has opened the door to paid DLC (speed boost for 2K), I would suggest giving SR+ owners the option to pay to upgrade to Premium interior. Some of us could not afford the LR versions but would be perfectly willing to pay 1K or 2K to have the full sound capabilities and real time traffic navigation.

I understand that it would be ideal if OTAs remained free, but in this case I see a win-win situation for... more »


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Option to disable TACC use "dumb" cruise control instead.

I would like to have the option to disable TACC and use "dumb" cruise control instead.

I have experienced horrible ghost breakings. Suddenly middle of an empty road the car slammed brakes for 1 second and continued forwards. There was absolutely no reason for this breaking. If a car would have followed me it would have caused a rear-end collision.

Tesla give us the option to go with "dumb" cruise control, please.


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Mobile App

Powerwall reserve power set per hour

We have a unreliable power grid. For this reason I keep the reserved power at 25%. At about 4AM my system is at 25% and start to use the grid power. By 8 am the solar takes over again. I would like to have a option to set the reserve based on the time of day. Eg from 16:00 to 4:00 reserve must be 25% and from 4:00 to 15:00 2%. This will allow me to avoid using the national grid in the morning.


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Fridge function in trunk

Option to extra-cool a portion of the car for storing your groceries. Perhaps the trunk, or even just the subcompartment in the trunk, or the Frunk Itself.

The use cases-

You grocery shop and need to run errands after you pick up the groceries

You don't have a cooler or you'd like a more space-efficient way to keep your picnic or camp food cool. Coolers take lots of space!


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Improve searchmode for music at USB

Having 500 GB of music (flac) I really would like a better search mode eg typing some part of artist song text returning all hits.

Also them lettersmenu please increase size.

Also don't go back to main menu when chosen music is ended.

Eventually tke a look at the old winamp search facilities.


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