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Sentry Mode Management Tools Implemented

The idea would be a suite of features to management sentry mode files. Features such as:


-ability to reformat the USB drive and create TeslaCam folder

-display stored clips for easy viewing/saving/deleting

-option to push clips to your phone for sharing


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"Ring" style sentry mode - Push notifications with motion

A great enhancement to sentry mode would to enable the car to push notifications to your phone when motion is detected similar to a ring doorbell. When you click the notification it then streams the video feed to your phone. Along with the new speaker in front, you can also talk to the possible suspect from your phone.


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Remind driver of phone left in car trending idea

The new wireless charging points are a great convenience. But it makes it easier to accidentally leave your phone in the car as you leave. The car should detect that the phone used to open the car is still inside the car as the driver exits the vehicle and use the external speaker to remind them of this.


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3 Sentry mode additions

  1. Right now reviewing sentry mode is so slow. For faster reviewing: Show 4-8 pictures of what triggered the recording. When you press on a picture it rewinds to 2 second before the trigger and starts the video there. 

  2. Even if sentry mode is off, if the car is bumped on moved. It should trigger a camera or video. 

  3. Add a map overlay so you know exactly where the event happened.


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Energy Saving/Deep Sleep Mode

When going on a trip, Tesla should have a deep sleep mode that disables nonessential functions to save battery such as leaving it at an airport for an extended amount of time. Sentry mode should also be turned off but only turned on when somebody tries to forcefully access the car. The owner should have the ability to put the car in and out of deep sleep mode on the mobile app and the app should alert the user of how... more »


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