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More Weather Features / Weather Widget

In addition to the clock widget on the dashboard screen, how about a simple weather widget? Also, additional weather information in the route planning and on the map would be helpful. For example, the route planner could display what temperature it will be at the destination location (based on the time of arrival of course).


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Virtual Queueing for Supercharging

When there is a line for supercharging, allow your car to be added to a virtual queue. Features:

-remove your car from the queue if you leave a geofenced area
-your Tesla won't charge until it's your turn (can't jump the queue).
-tells you which stall to use for optimal performance
-holds your place in line If you are on a planned route
-notifies you when your car is almost ready so you can go do other things while... more »


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Assigned Supercharging Stall Number

Its takes a lot of savvy to know which is the best stall when you get to a SuperCharger. Most people aren't aware of how SuperChargers are paired up for example. And/or it can sometimes be difficult to even know which stall is which b/c the numbers on the stall might have worn off. Or worse, not all stalls are the same (ie, V1, V2, or V3).

The idea would be to simply suggest which stall is the best stall for you. Tesla... more »


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