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More Weather Features / Weather Widget

In addition to the clock widget on the dashboard screen, how about a simple weather widget? Also, additional weather information in the route planning and on the map would be helpful. For example, the route planner could display what temperature it will be at the destination location (based on the time of arrival of course).


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Add 'waypoints' for making multiple stops on a single trip Selected

When traveling longer distances or when your battery is lower it would be nice to enter all of the destinations you need to stop so the navigation can tell you if/where you need to charge during this trip. The function of this would act just like google maps, you could enter all your destination points in the order you need to stop at them, with the added function of routing you to chargers if needed, just like the current... more »


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The famous Tesla Home Charger Network

There are many thousand of home charging points of Tesla drivers around the world. All dedicated only to the owner. Why not making this potential easily available to all Tesla drivers if they need a charge when out at a foreign place without a super or destination charger around. With just the following software extensions, this is easily possible:

1) Allow Tesla owners to register their home charging station with the... more »


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