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When Hold is engaged, turn 0 speed indicator Blue with H in it

When using the Hold feature at stoplights, it can be hard to see the white, small H indicator that shows Hold is engaged. On some occasions it isn't engaged. By changing the color of the 0 mph speed indicator and possibly add a small H inside it, the driver will have a much clearer and safer confirmation that Hold is actually engaged.


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Full Color Lettering Car Tires

Simply have a option of adding "Color Lettering" (example: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue) to the Cars/Vehicles Tires as a option.

Instead of just White or Standard Lettering.

In fact why not offer a Color Tire Option meaning offer whole White, Red, Yellow, Blue, etc. Colors of Tires in General!!!

Meaning Dye The Whole Tire Red or Blue to mix and match the color of the Vehicle!!! As a Option.

- Carlos Christopher Cuervo... more »


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