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Increase temperature range in dog mode

Increase temperature in dog mode to about 15,5°C - 26,5°C (60°F-80°F).

Currently, the lowest possible temperature in my Model 3 when activating "dog mode" is 19° C. In winter my dog, a Golden Retriever, would much prefer to have it colder. When it is 0° C outside, 16° C would be much better. And there is no need to active A/C, which consumes much more power than with heating only and A/C off.


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Ship model 3 performance with all-season tires in snowy places

The tires that shipped with the 2018 model 3 performance make the car terrifying in the snow.

I went sideways into a snowbank in our first blizzard, just coming down my hill. I avoided driving the car in the snow for the rest of the winter. I would never drive on those tires with kids in the winter, even if there was just a chance of snow. Going up hills was actually not that bad due to the traction control. But going... more »


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