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Pneumatic Windshield Barrier

Windshield wipers are essentially little mechanical hands that clean your windshield AFTER your vision is compromised. Instead, channel air over the windshield with enough force that rain never touches the glass in the first place.


It's embarrassing that literally the only improvement to wipers since 1896 has been Intermittent Wipers - little mechanical arms that move water only sometimes.


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Windshield wiper blades VS. water repellent + pressurised air

My ideia is to replace the normal windshield blades.

1º - Apply a water repellant to the windshield glass;

2º - Install pressurised air hoses to spit any water that still is on the surface of the windshield.

Obs.: This feature could also be applied to the solar glass, and any solar panel in general... optimising the energy generation potencial.

*Obs.: Also could be applied to the rearview mirrors.


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Windshield as a camera

The idea is to put multiple fisheye cameras around the perimeter of the windshield and have the synced and calibrated to the center focal point. They would be encased to prevent from damage, kind of like a rope light. This could be used to take scenic views on your drive or record during an event of interest of distress. All controlled from the steering wheel for the driver and from the dash for the passenger.


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