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Mobile App

Auto Close of windows

Sensor that detects rain could sense rain when parked and auto close windows if they are "vented"... At minimum if push alerts are set it could send a message to the user that asks "close windows?" when rain is detected... I frequently use the vent option for the windows in my car (live near atlanta) however I don't always see that it is raining until it is too late. I believe the hardware is all installed, just a little... more »


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Trunk Open / Windows Down / Car Unlocked Reminders Implemented

Often we walk away from the car and forget to roll up the window or the trunk might not be closed all the way. If would be great if the could be alerts sent to your phone if:

  • left keys in the car and its unlocked
  • trunk or frunk not closed
  • windows not closed


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Open windows remotely

Have an option to lower and raise windows remotely to allow easier access with frameless doors in tight spaces without using summon and also to vent the car before you get to it in hot weather, and also linked to rain sensor so that they auto close if it rains.


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close vented windows if it starts to rain

Sometimes a summer thunderstorm will popup and just start dumping water without much notice. It would be great if the car would close the windows automatically.

A few ideas would be:

* Send notification about the rain and ask if you want to close the windows

* If there's a downpour, automatically close them (set that as an option)

Other ideas:

After the rain has stopped, ask permission or automatically vent the windows... more »


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Voice command and profile side windows

Example voice commands: open windows 50%, vent windows, close windows, open xxxx window.

Example profiles: Beautiful day windows open

Mobile app enable vent windows while in drive.

Personal reason for this is I like all windows to be at the same height. Aesthetically this looks much nicer when driving down the road. I typically manually bump window control lever multiple times trying to get the height set correctly... more »


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