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Introduce an option (or timeout) to keep wifi ON while driving

Background: My model 3 automatically turns off wifi when I shift out of Park to begin driving. I understand why it was done as you don't want your car to scan all surrounding wifi networks as it drives by them. However, if you are using your phone's wifi hotspot then you need to manually turn wifi back on every time AFTER you started driving. Same goes for those who use public and private wifi hotspot networks in urban... more »


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Remotely access USB Music drive

As a Model S owner who loves t olisten to music (and regularly updates their music library with tracks that aren't available on the various streaming sites), it would be awesome if, when the car is parked and connected to "home" wifi it would/could launch a SMB server so that you can connect to the USB drive remotely (from a PC in your home, for example) and push new music files to the drive. For those of us that have... more »


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Mobile App

Be able to download a car update from the App Unverified Translation

Every time the car detects a software update, it sends a notification to the app.

I think it should be the opposite, that the app detects an update for the car, and offers the option of downloading it from your home through Wifi. Once we get to the car, the App will transfer the update to the car via Wifi or Bluetooth so that it can verify and install it.

In my garage I don't have Wifi, and I always have to use the... more »


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