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Alarm Bells Off when home/location

When pulling into my garage there are about 100 bells, warnings, lights, etc going off. Usually about sides and front, homelink, etc. My biggest fear is I would miss the BIG one (ie Falcon Door is still open).


It would be nice if we could tune down all tones unless < 2" crash and falcon doors open, trunk open, etc.


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touchscreen display simplification

For drivers who need reading glasses the current Model 3 screen is a safety hazard - can the display be simplified or options provided to enhance specific data elements?

Without reading glasses on, I cannot read some of the popup warnings at a glance (as I hope they were intended to be). The phone, radio station and other music info is also minimally ledgible for me. I cannot wear the reading glasses while driving as... more »


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Coyote or Waze option

I use Coyote and Waze warnings on my smartphone to anticipate on traffic situations ahead. It would be better to have a way to integrate the messages of these devices/apps into the Tesla UI (via API?). Now I have to put my phone or Coyote device on the dash in a place where I can't see it (behind the wheel). Not practical, nor aesthetical.


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