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Music volume fade in after phone call

The Model 3 sound system is just brilliant. I like hearing my favourite sound sometimes a little bit loud. But did you ever get a phone call in such a situation? What comes after the call will blow your mind out of the head. 😳

The proposal is simple to fade in the volume after a phone call slow and smoothly and therefore protect your ears and make sure that you stay on the road when this happens.


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Navigation voice volume needs "Save"

I have a 2018 Model S. I like to keep the Navigation voice at the lowest setting possible. Whenever I'm listening to an audio source, whether radio, Tune-in or other, if I increase the volume while the Nav voice happens to be providing a command, the Nav volume is also raised. I then have to press the "settings" gear wheel on Nav to reset the voice assist to its lowest level ONCE AGAIN! Hrumpf! Can't a "Save" feature... more »


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Joe Mode++

Joe mode is helpful, but I still find my music interrupted far too often. For example, pulling into or out of the garage the car constantly dings to tell me how close I am to the wall. Since I don't go flying into my garage, this takes a bit of time and the music constantly fluctuates in the process. Also, every time I engage or disengage autopilot my music is partially muted. These annoy me.

I would like Joe Mode++,... more »


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