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Music volume fade in after phone call

The Model 3 sound system is just brilliant. I like hearing my favourite sound sometimes a little bit loud. But did you ever get a phone call in such a situation? What comes after the call will blow your mind out of the head. 😳

The proposal is simple to fade in the volume after a phone call slow and smoothly and therefore protect your ears and make sure that you stay on the road when this happens.


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Joe Mode++

Joe mode is helpful, but I still find my music interrupted far too often. For example, pulling into or out of the garage the car constantly dings to tell me how close I am to the wall. Since I don't go flying into my garage, this takes a bit of time and the music constantly fluctuates in the process. Also, every time I engage or disengage autopilot my music is partially muted. These annoy me.

I would like Joe Mode++,... more »


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Audio Volume

It would be nice to bring the audio volume down to 1 or 2 when car starts, otherwise due to the quality of Bluetooth device we connect, we increase the volume very high and forget to reduce the volume and next time you start your car the volume is so high that it could damage your eardrum.


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