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SOS Button for Emergencies

In case of an emergency, have an SOS style button that would call emergency services (aka like 911 in the US). Similar to how it works on iOS and Android, give an option to share location, medical information, etc. Also it would enable a speakerphone to communicate if you are stuck and can't reach your phone. If the car detected a crash, it would automatically enable the SOS dialog and give the drive an option to dismiss... more »


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Voice command and profile side windows

Example voice commands: open windows 50%, vent windows, close windows, open xxxx window.

Example profiles: Beautiful day windows open

Mobile app enable vent windows while in drive.

Personal reason for this is I like all windows to be at the same height. Aesthetically this looks much nicer when driving down the road. I typically manually bump window control lever multiple times trying to get the height set correctly... more »


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