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Sentry Mode Management Tools Implemented

The idea would be a suite of features to management sentry mode files. Features such as:


-ability to reformat the USB drive and create TeslaCam folder

-display stored clips for easy viewing/saving/deleting

-option to push clips to your phone for sharing


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USB Flash Drive Port use in case of emergency touch screen fail.

Can the USB port for the flash drive be used for a USB splitter and perhaps a keyboard and mouse in the event of a touch screen failure? Wouldn't this be just a driver update to recognize the splitter,keyboard. and mouse? At least until the touch screen can be repaired in the event of a failure.emergency.


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Remotely access USB Music drive

As a Model S owner who loves t olisten to music (and regularly updates their music library with tracks that aren't available on the various streaming sites), it would be awesome if, when the car is parked and connected to "home" wifi it would/could launch a SMB server so that you can connect to the USB drive remotely (from a PC in your home, for example) and push new music files to the drive. For those of us that have... more »


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