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automatic frunk opening (no app, no car display required)

it has always annoyed me, now with a little baby on my arm it annoys me even more

to get access to the frunk, e.g. with full hands in front of the supermarket, i either have to operate the tesla app or climb into the interior and open the frunk on the display. it's really annoying!


microphone/sonic sensor in the interior


if i e.g. knock 3 times on a window and at the same time i am connected with... more »


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Delay locking of charge port

By the time I have connected my charging cable to the wall connector, the car has locked and I can not open the charge port with a push. Then I have to unlock the car in order to open the charge port.
I appreciate that the car gets locked quickly, but I suggest to leave the charge port open for a minute more so the cable can be conveniently connected to the car.
Alternatively not lock the car at all when I walk around... more »


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Emergency Charger Eject / Disconnect

On screen charge port unlock button which:
1) Automatically unlocks charge port to leave a situation while charging without exiting the vehicle in an emergency.
2) Automatically save cams clip
3) Can dispatch 911 to your location if you choose you need the help.
This may damage charger of charge port, but there may be a time when you may need to leave an area/situation where your safety is more important.
Tesla can also... more »


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