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Passive Blindspot Detection Selected

- When AutoPilot is not activated, and turn signal is activated make a chime or sound play to alert driver to someone existing in blind spot. Similar to the mirror light blind spot functions other cars have. Instead of just a last second avoidance feature or visual on the screen which is not very safe to be looking at whilst driving.
- Could make another kind of "clicking" sound to passively let the driver know someone... more »


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Automatic turn signals when navigating without an autopilot Unverified Translation

If you have not activated the autopilot but the navigation is active (e.g. to work, or to your home, which is automatically activated), it would be very pleasant if at least the indicators were activated automatically. The vehicle knows where you want to go and where you are most likely to go for a long time and so the vehicle could carry out the annoying turn signal operation even if the autopilot is not activated (e.g.... more »


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Toggle indicator triple-flash setting

I rented a Jeep (back when I drove my i-miev) that had this (along with creep on/off), and my dad's Mazda does both, too:


Add car software ability to let user set to turn off automatic turn indicator feature where, if driving without Auto Lane Change active, the turn indicators flash three times if the turn indicator lever is activated by the driver for less than a maximum amount of time (Three flashes is an unsafely... more »


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