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Trailer backing aids

There is already a predictive path that shows on the reverse camera when backing up. An even more difficult task is trying to back up while connected to a trailer. The path of the trailer is opposite the path of the vehicle; unless you practice regularly it can be difficult and you can get yourself in a position that is hard to recover from in a tight space.

When the vehicle is in trailer mode, it would be extremely... more »


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Extended power travel trailer! trending idea

I think it would be really convenient if the EV's could be equipped with a tow package that could tow a luggage style trailer that was equipped with additional batteries and luggage space for long distance travelers. The trailer could be designed to have a wiring harness to plug into a receptacle on the vehicle and a switch or breaker in the vehicle could be switched to use the alternate power source once the vehicles... more »


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Autopilot backup for hooking up to the hitch

Add an additional feature to the autopilot programing for backing up to hook up to a boat, trailer, RV or whatever one chooses to tow. With everything else that has been accomplished, this should be possible without a doubt. This will definitely set the Cybertruck apart from the competition and most of all, this just makes sense. This will make the owners life much easier by allowing them to start out their travels without... more »


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Integrated Brake Controller

Applies to all models capable of towing, but particularly to the CyberTruck and Model X. Right now, the Model X has the wiring connections for installing a 3rd party brake controller for towing trailers with their own braking system. The brake controller is recommended for trailers over 1000 lbs. The best brake controllers activate the trailer brakes gradually based on accelerometers built into the units so it can match... more »


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