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Idle falling/low tire pressure warning

A Tesla owner should never be surprised when walking out to their car only to find a flat tire, because the car is capable of alerting them. Allow user to turn on reporting [to the mobile app via push notification] of tire pressure state when car is idle at user-selected intervals from 1 to 12 hours, on demand [via user tapping a button in the mobile app "Controls" section] with or without automatic reporting [via push... more »


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Ship model 3 performance with all-season tires in snowy places

The tires that shipped with the 2018 model 3 performance make the car terrifying in the snow.

I went sideways into a snowbank in our first blizzard, just coming down my hill. I avoided driving the car in the snow for the rest of the winter. I would never drive on those tires with kids in the winter, even if there was just a chance of snow. Going up hills was actually not that bad due to the traction control. But going... more »


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Tire Blowout...

One of the scariest issues is NOT KNOWING when a tire might blowout. Well, there is away. All cars have air tire sensors that read air pressures. If a thermal sensor or temp gauge was added it could issue a warning. As tires wear down or lose tread they heat up and when a tire exceeds its tempered limit it will explode. A warning to the driver might help them monitor the tread situation as an early warning system. You... more »


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Full Color Lettering Car Tires

Simply have a option of adding "Color Lettering" (example: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue) to the Cars/Vehicles Tires as a option.

Instead of just White or Standard Lettering.

In fact why not offer a Color Tire Option meaning offer whole White, Red, Yellow, Blue, etc. Colors of Tires in General!!!

Meaning Dye The Whole Tire Red or Blue to mix and match the color of the Vehicle!!! As a Option.

- Carlos Christopher Cuervo... more »


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