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Edit air suspension remembered spots/clear all

In New England conditions change seasonally, like having small snow banks at the end of driveways or large pot holes. It is inconvenient to have the car automatically go to a high suspension when the snow is long gone. Also this adds the the half shaft repair issues if you don't realize you are jacked up and do a fun acceleration. Please add a "clear all" or ability to edit existing remembered spots. This might reduce... more »


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Better Model Y suspension or adjustable

Love the model Y, but we feel every bump in the road, very stiff. Definitely not a luxury feel. Can the suspension be improved in future models or make it adjustable like I assume model X has? There are a lot of dirt roads in NH, not comfortable to ride on. Our Subaru Outback is more comfortable on bumpy roads. Luxury car should have luxury ride. Smooth is a smooth ride.


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Hybrid with KE turbine or compressed air

Gasoline ICE/battery electric hybrid vehicles improved on the efficiency of gasoline ICE vehicles by

*using technology with more efficient power output

*recovering more kinetic energy

*permitting stored energy to increase peak output

Battery electric/kinetic energy turbine hybrids or battery electric/compressed air hybrids might could improve on the efficiency of battery electric vehicles by the latter two methods,... more »


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