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Park in Garage

I would like a feature where the car autopark in my garage, even if I need to use some kind of markings on the floor to help auto-pilot do it. I'd use everyday and it would be way better than the other auto park features that I never use because they are too slow or require parking conditions I never see out there.


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Waypoints for Summon

When using Smart Summon/Go To Target, if the path that Autopilot generates is wrong (e.g. going the wrong direction in roundabout) a user should be able to either explicitly define a new path, or otherwise guide Autopilot toward a better solution before summoning the vehicle.


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Mobile App

Avoid that summon stops at the starting location

When you park into a narrow garage, you would like to get the front in first. Then you step out, use the app to summon it into the garage.

When using summon to get it out, you don't want it to stop at this location when you summon it again.

It would be nice if you could toggle the "stop at start point" off by preferences.


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