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Secondary function for right steering wheel button

This mostly pertains to the model 3 but could be for other models.

Idea: Add more functions to the right steering wheel button. When not in autopilot, it's useless. Add a setting to be able to choose what it controls. Primarily, I would like it to control AC. With the model 3 it's not very safe having to look on the screen where to touch and slide. Making it a steering wheel button could be safer and more convenient.... more »


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Mobile App

Skip/Rewind Podcast with buttons on steering wheel

At this time, the buttons on the wheel will skip to the next podcast. This isn't very helpful at all. When listening to a long podcast, the infotainment system will often lose your place when you finish your drive. It would be nice to have it begin where it left off. Since it often doesn't do that, it would be nice to be able to jump forward in programmable steps like 15 or 30 seconds rather than trying to use the progress... more »


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Hand Detection touch sensitive steering

Please add touch sensitivity to steering wheel which detects hand or fingers, rather than asking to put pressure on steering every 30 seconds or so.

No fingers, alert the driver

10 sec wait and no hands detected, pull safely to the side and stop.

Also add gestures on this sensitive area to take actions. Without taking hands off:

- takeover steering quietly ( 4 finger wrap)

- increasing/decreasing speed (left or right... more »


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Steering wheel scroll buttons change as wheel is rotated

Have the scroll buttons flip when the steering wheel is upside down or 180 degrees.

For example, when the steering wheel is in the straight position, the left side scroll button controls volume, next track, station, or favorite and the right side scroll button controls voice commands, adjusts my set speed and the distance I want to maintain from a vehicle traveling ahead of me.

What I am proposing will swap the controls... more »


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