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Assigned Supercharging Stall Number

Its takes a lot of savvy to know which is the best stall when you get to a SuperCharger. Most people aren't aware of how SuperChargers are paired up for example. And/or it can sometimes be difficult to even know which stall is which b/c the numbers on the stall might have worn off. Or worse, not all stalls are the same (ie, V1, V2, or V3).

The idea would be to simply suggest which stall is the best stall for you. Tesla... more »


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Identify Which Stalls are Out of Order in UI Implemented

It's common practice to place a supercharger cable over the top of the charger if a particular stall is out of order. The goal is to save other people from backing in and then realizing it's not working.


The display currently shows how many stays are working, but it doesn't show you which stalls are out of order.


Suggestion: show which stalls are out of order right in the display.


Bonus: see related ideas... more »


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