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Improve Spotify

The in-car Spotify app is currently too limited in UI functionality and streams at very low bitrate. My proposal:

- Increase Streaming Bitrate for Spotify Premium Subscribers
The current streaming quality is noticeably low bitrate. I already pay a Spotify subscription so that I can stream high quality (320kbps) audio. If I have to pay for Tesla Premium Connectivity on top of this, then I should not have to take a bitrate... more »


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Spotify personal playlists in 'My Library'

I'd like to see playlists that I create or subscribe to from other people show up in the playlists tab under 'My Library'.

Currently it only shows up playlists that are created and curated by Spotify.

Not sure if they show up ones I subscribe to in future that are created by Spotify or whether they're just a random selection of Spotify curated playlists at this point either. I just know playlists under My Library....aren't... more »


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Whitelist audio websites for use during driving

Many votes are used for improving Spotify, adding Apple Music, adding Google Music and more services. If you just unlock the browser and allow us to play music through the browser while driving this will enable everything. I use Youtube Music ( - it works great when not driving. Please just let us use these audio websites while driving and you will have solved so many requests! Thank you 😀... more »


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