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Tesla to Tesla Bump Charge

A dead battery is the worst. Once Tesla designs the new inverters how about adding the ability to bump charge a Tesla with a Tesla so you can get to a nearby charger? Add an S.O.S. button to inform nearby owners you need a bump and offer supercharger credits for being a Good Samaritan. 5% might just save someone hours of hassle and hundreds of dollars.


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SOS Button for Emergencies

In case of an emergency, have an SOS style button that would call emergency services (aka like 911 in the US). Similar to how it works on iOS and Android, give an option to share location, medical information, etc. Also it would enable a speakerphone to communicate if you are stuck and can't reach your phone. If the car detected a crash, it would automatically enable the SOS dialog and give the drive an option to dismiss... more »


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