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Anti-stuck automatic rocking method

When your car is stuck in mud or snow applying "rocking manoeuvre" could be very effective. You basically roll the car forwards until the tires slip, then roll back, then repeat (see video below to understand the idea). An electric car could take this technique to a whole new level. Switching between forward and backward can be done automatically in instant, so the car should be able to unstuck starting with very low... more »


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Ship model 3 performance with all-season tires in snowy places

The tires that shipped with the 2018 model 3 performance make the car terrifying in the snow.

I went sideways into a snowbank in our first blizzard, just coming down my hill. I avoided driving the car in the snow for the rest of the winter. I would never drive on those tires with kids in the winter, even if there was just a chance of snow. Going up hills was actually not that bad due to the traction control. But going... more »


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