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Traficsign recognition Implemented

The danish speedlimit zones are very different from the zones the autopilot detects. It would be nice if you were able to choose "adapt to actual speed." Or the autopilot adapted to speedlimit shown on the traficsign. It would also be a big help around roadconstruction sites.


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Make sure matrix signs above the road are not detected as lights

When I drive on the highway, the matrix signs above the road (which are used when the speed limit is reduced for example during traffic jams) are detected and displays as traffic lights (see attached photo). Please make sure this is corrected.


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Speed mode definable and reduction in front of the board

The speed regulation in Model 3 still leaves something to be desired and should be optimized.

1. In general it is not clear why and when it works and when it does not. Sometimes it works, sometimes not ... The function should be definable (button in the display) so that you can be sure that it always works no matter when the cruise control / autopilot was activated.

2. Signs are not recognized or it only seems to work... more »


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