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Sentry Mode Management Tools Implemented

The idea would be a suite of features to management sentry mode files. Features such as:


-ability to reformat the USB drive and create TeslaCam folder

-display stored clips for easy viewing/saving/deleting

-option to push clips to your phone for sharing


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"Ring" style sentry mode - Push notifications with motion

A great enhancement to sentry mode would to enable the car to push notifications to your phone when motion is detected similar to a ring doorbell. When you click the notification it then streams the video feed to your phone. Along with the new speaker in front, you can also talk to the possible suspect from your phone.


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3 Sentry mode additions

  1. Right now reviewing sentry mode is so slow. For faster reviewing: Show 4-8 pictures of what triggered the recording. When you press on a picture it rewinds to 2 second before the trigger and starts the video there. 

  2. Even if sentry mode is off, if the car is bumped on moved. It should trigger a camera or video. 

  3. Add a map overlay so you know exactly where the event happened.


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Ferry mode

During this summer's vacation, i had to take a ferry numerous times with my Tesla 3. Once on the ferry, it is not allowed to stay in the car or on the car deck during the voyage. The first times, i experienced the alarm going off short time after departure, i suppose due to car being moved without driving and/or reacting to rocking due to waves. After some googling, i turned off the alarm, but this also means the whole... more »


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Adjustable Sentry Mode Sensitivity Selected

Yesterday I had a fly in my car, and the internal movement sensor set off the car alarm three times in less than 30 mins. After I swatted the fly, no alarms for the rest of the day.

It would be nice to support (in order of my preference):

That the Sentry Mode can detect the difference between major movement in the car and unwanted insects

That I can somehow lower the sensitivity of the internal sensor manually

That... more »


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Sentinel without flashing light

would be nice to be able to chose to have light flashing or not with Sentinel mode. Light flashing can be perceived as aggressive and result in bad actions against the car. I think being able to chose would be be a good thing. I see a number of Tesla users on Forums who would like this possibility.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Best regards,

Antoine Hue

Model 3 LR owner


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