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Sentry Proximity

I would like to suggest that Sentry Mode has a proximity setting. I find it often is a bit too sensitive due to people passing the car on a pavement / walkway etc. So being able to set Sentry to a very close proximitry, where it only triggers when someone is literally next to the car would be useful.

Perhaps several fixed settings of proximity to choose from or a setting which can be adjusted manually to set your own... more »


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Ferry mode

During this summer's vacation, i had to take a ferry numerous times with my Tesla 3. Once on the ferry, it is not allowed to stay in the car or on the car deck during the voyage. The first times, i experienced the alarm going off short time after departure, i suppose due to car being moved without driving and/or reacting to rocking due to waves. After some googling, i turned off the alarm, but this also means the whole... more »


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Adjustable Sentry Mode Sensitivity

Yesterday I had a fly in my car, and the internal movement sensor set off the car alarm three times in less than 30 mins. After I swatted the fly, no alarms for the rest of the day.

It would be nice to support (in order of my preference):

That the Sentry Mode can detect the difference between major movement in the car and unwanted insects

That I can somehow lower the sensitivity of the internal sensor manually

That... more »


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Download Sentry Mode Recording from Tesla Website for older cars

For those of us who don't have the capability to record onto USB, such as pre-August 2017 cars, it would be great to be able to download video from Tesla via our online account.

According to the car manual, "When the alarm state is triggered, the most recent six seconds prior to the security event may be to Tesla for temporary backup for approximately 72 hours..."

Why not allow us to simply login to our online Tesla... more »


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