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Wiper settings available via steering wheel functions Unverified Translation

To adjust the windshield wipers, you have to focus on the display of the Model 3, which can be dangerous in this situation (poor visibility). For this reason, the speed of the wipers should be operated using the steering wheel knobs. 1) Activate the function by pressing the wiper button on the turn signal lever (the function on the steering wheel is now also available parallel to the window in the display). 2) Left-Right... more »


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Hand Detection touch sensitive steering

Please add touch sensitivity to steering wheel which detects hand or fingers, rather than asking to put pressure on steering every 30 seconds or so.

No fingers, alert the driver

10 sec wait and no hands detected, pull safely to the side and stop.

Also add gestures on this sensitive area to take actions. Without taking hands off:

- takeover steering quietly ( 4 finger wrap)

- increasing/decreasing speed (left or right... more »


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Vertical music scroll

Suggestion is to use the right button on the steering wheel for vertical scrolling usage in the music player.
So for much safer scrolling to the music / album suggestions in Spotify or the available list of radio stations. Without having to leave the right hand from the steering wheel. The left scroll button is of course for the volume. So why not make use of the right steering wheel button. For vertically scrolling... more »


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