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No rolling the opposite direction of the gear.

No rolling the opposite direction of the gear. A car in drive can't roll backwards and a car in reverse can't roll forwards.
Whether this is accomplished with a half hold/creep mode or just a "The car always automatically 'Holds' at zero" (no special song and dance with the brake pedal) I'm fine with.
Auto hold at zero is probably the most straight forward. Basically, once the car is going zero only the accelerator can... more »


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Make a noise when I leave my phone inside the car and leave

Tesla Mobile Key is the same as car keys, so having the option for the car to make a noise when the phone key is left in the car is a necessary safety feature.




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Music volume fade in after phone call

The Model 3 sound system is just brilliant. I like hearing my favourite sound sometimes a little bit loud. But did you ever get a phone call in such a situation? What comes after the call will blow your mind out of the head. 😳

The proposal is simple to fade in the volume after a phone call slow and smoothly and therefore protect your ears and make sure that you stay on the road when this happens.


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Smooth out speed changes for Stop and Go

At low speeds in heavy bumper to bumper traffic, I like to engage TACC for safety. However, my passengers hate it because the system currently prioritizes maintaining a distance gap over ride smoothness.

The gap we care about should be one of reaction time, not distance, i.e. the slower we go, the closer we can safely approach the car in front. At 2 mph, we travel ~3 feet per second. The Model 3 is 15 feet long. So... more »


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Passive Blindspot Detection Selected

- When AutoPilot is not activated, and turn signal is activated make a chime or sound play to alert driver to someone existing in blind spot. Similar to the mirror light blind spot functions other cars have. Instead of just a last second avoidance feature or visual on the screen which is not very safe to be looking at whilst driving.
- Could make another kind of "clicking" sound to passively let the driver know someone... more »


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