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Mobile App

Idle falling/low tire pressure warning

A Tesla owner should never be surprised when walking out to their car only to find a flat tire, because the car is capable of alerting them. Allow user to turn on reporting [to the mobile app via push notification] of tire pressure state when car is idle at user-selected intervals from 1 to 12 hours, on demand [via user tapping a button in the mobile app "Controls" section] with or without automatic reporting [via push... more »


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Reduce unnecessary brake light activation trending idea

After seeing several videos of angry motorbike riders taking out their frustration on Teslas, I wonder if part of the reason is the activation of brake lights whenever the accelerator pedal is released.

As a lifelong manual driver I have always been careful to change down rather than brake to avoid annoying the drivers behind. I find it most embarrassing that, in my Tesla, I am constantly flashing my brake lights even... more »


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Setting to turn off (or adjust) electronically-dimmed mirrors

The auto dimmed mirrors on the model 3 are too dark, especially if you have tinted windows it makes the mirrors useless and the car is difficult to drive at night. A setting to disable the auto-dimming mirrors would work, or a slider where we can adjust how much they dim. Currently they do not rely on the brightness of headlights behind the vehicle, they simply default to max dimming which is too dark without tint and... more »


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Make a noise when I leave my phone inside the car and leave

Tesla Mobile Key is the same as car keys, so having the option for the car to make a noise when the phone key is left in the car is a necessary safety feature.




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Energy Saving/Deep Sleep Mode

When going on a trip, Tesla should have a deep sleep mode that disables nonessential functions to save battery such as leaving it at an airport for an extended amount of time. Sentry mode should also be turned off but only turned on when somebody tries to forcefully access the car. The owner should have the ability to put the car in and out of deep sleep mode on the mobile app and the app should alert the user of how... more »


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Tail light always on setting

A setting where you can set the tail light to always on. In my country we often have mist, fog, rain and other things that makes the visibility bad. Until the European Union changed the rules. Tail lights was by law always on for increased safety on all cars. People forget to turn the lights on when the weather is bad. So an option to set the tail lights always on (just like the front lights is always on).


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Tri-view of Left, Rear and Right cameras

The new firmware version 24.6.1 adds left and right repeater camera side views on each side of the rear camera view when we are in Reverse or Parking Assist mode

Okay Tesla, you have shown me what you can do. Now I need you to give me this option.

Give me a single row of views just like the one where the left repeater is showing and the right repeater is showing, but put the rear view the same sizes as each of those... more »


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Option to disable TACC use "dumb" cruise control instead. trending idea

I would like to have the option to disable TACC and use "dumb" cruise control instead.

I have experienced horrible ghost breakings. Suddenly middle of an empty road the car slammed brakes for 1 second and continued forwards. There was absolutely no reason for this breaking. If a car would have followed me it would have caused a rear-end collision.

Tesla give us the option to go with "dumb" cruise control, please.


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