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Child in back seat reminder

Accidentally leaving a child in the back seat, especially on hot days, has become a national epidemic. Even the most well meaning parent occasionally becomes preoccupied, which can lead to tragedy. This modification would create a Child Safety mode which, when turned on via software, will create audio and visual (on touchscreen) reminders that a child is in the back seat. It would be triggered whenever the car is put... more »


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Odometer reminder

Some (many) people enjoy achieving milestones, but what good is a milestone if you forget to enjoy it...

Same goes for hitting that special number on your odometer, whether it's a tire rotation number you'd like a reminder for or simply a great number like 1,000,000 miles, (or until we get there then something like 666,666 miles or 66,666 miles).... ;)

I would love to be able to enter a reminder into a "calendar/reminder"... more »


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Open charging port when parked in garage

I plug my MS to the charger every time I park in my garage. I'd like the car to automatically open the charging port whenever it detect that I'm leaving the car while parked in the garage.

Not only would it save me the step to open the port manually, but the sound the port makes when it open would serve as a reminder for me not to forget to plug the charger.


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