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More control over regen braking

I would love to have more manual input to the regen braking while driving. As a long-time manual driver who lives in the mountains I find it very hard on the leg to constantly feather the accelerator while dropping down long, winding descents.

The current regen mode does not allow for prolonged gliding or sharper regen when entering sharp bends, similar to changing down gears.

If we could have three or even four levels... more »


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Add small Resistor on All Models for Regen Braking in cold

Idea is to add a small electrical resistance to absorb the charge burst from Regen Braking in the cold weather, or when the battery cannot take the charge. Ideally, this load can be a small heater, which warms the car or even drivers seat, or just a led light. Can be made hilarious by sounding a screech sound or fart!!!!

Regen braking otherwise will result in charging the battery when warm enough or accepting the charge.... more »


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Hybrid with KE turbine or compressed air

Gasoline ICE/battery electric hybrid vehicles improved on the efficiency of gasoline ICE vehicles by

*using technology with more efficient power output

*recovering more kinetic energy

*permitting stored energy to increase peak output

Battery electric/kinetic energy turbine hybrids or battery electric/compressed air hybrids might could improve on the efficiency of battery electric vehicles by the latter two methods,... more »


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