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Select on/off for passenger and driver vent

recently an update made it so when just the drive is in the front, the passenger vent is turned off for efficiency sake. Sometimes it doesnt work tho, if something is sitting in the front passenger seat. Also, my girlfriend remarked that she just wanted her side off, because she didn't want air blowing at her. I realized that neither side can turn off the air vent, you have to just point the air stream way out of the... more »


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Child Safety lock - Single door only

Provide the ability to lock a single door/window. Currently activating the child safety lock on the back door results in both doors unable to be opened from the inside. This is a pain for any other passengers in the rear as I either have to temporarily deactivate the child lock or get out and open the door from the outside.


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Auto Dual Temperature Mode

Each time when the car goes out of Park, when a passenger is detected activate split temperature controls, same settings like last time when the function was activated.

If the passenger is not detected use just one zone, remember the setting for one zone from last time when it was used.


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