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"Ring" style sentry mode - Push notifications with motion

A great enhancement to sentry mode would to enable the car to push notifications to your phone when motion is detected similar to a ring doorbell. When you click the notification it then streams the video feed to your phone. Along with the new speaker in front, you can also talk to the possible suspect from your phone.


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Notify when phone is left on charger pad

Have a notification that lets you know you left your phone on the charger pad when you leave close the door and leave the vehicle. This becomes important when your phone is the key and you depend on it to automatically lock when you leave the vehicle. So many times I have to run back to car to get my phone.


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Option to disable bing-bong when manually engaging Autosteer

When Autosteer is engaged the car goes bing-bong. This notification is not necessary since this is an intentional action. Provide a setting that disables this alert.

Also, when Autosteer is engaged and the driver uses the indicator it goes bing-bong as it disengages. This is an intentional action and so, again, the bing-bong notification is unnecessary. The setting should also disable this alert.

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Mobile App


For centuries, the motor vehicle has evolved. Tesla being the cutting edge of the evolution. There is but one device that has aged and demands an upgrade. The vehicle alarm system is overdue for an upgrade and the concept came about because the increasing cases of vehicle theft in my country South Africa.

The concept is simple. The MVA App allows the user to receive a notification via a mobile app, if the vehicle alarm... more »


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