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Customize Display

Like one can customize nearly every aspect/component of a screen display (based on a series of pre-determined styles) using an Apple Watch display. We should be able to do that with the right side of the model 3 type displays. For example sometimes I might just want the entire right side to go into dark mode, show a big digital clock. Or maybe flash stock prices, or sports scores,.. etc.


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Option to unlock only driver's door.

A popular and simple safety feature allows you to open just the driver's door. This means that someone can't jump in the other side just as you get into the car. For the majority, this won't seem like a real risk - it's never happened to you right? For others it's merely a sensible precaution and for very few of us (I hope!) it's a feature that has saved us from some "difficulty."

Many other cars implement this as a... more »


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