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Super Efficiency Mode

This idea is to have a mode that super conserves power. For example, if you're in a situation where you don't think you'll make it to a charger, and you want to conserve as much power as possible. Some settings to enable in this mode:

  • screen is dimmed
  • chill mode enabled
  • max regen braking
  • climate control set to range mode

Any other ideas on how to improve efficiency while in this mode? Please comment below…


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Car Wash Mode Implemented

Car wash mode:


* Turn off sonar sounds

* Fold in side mirrors

* Recirculate air

* Deactivate auto windshield wipers

* Keep car in neutral (even if seat belt unbuckled or get up front seat)

* Play Outkast's "So Fresh and So Clean"

* Confirm windows are all the way up

* Disable charge port door opening (in case it gets opened by mistake while in the automatic car wash


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Airport Mode

Have a mode that reduces vampire consumption to the bare minimum, updating the server side of the app with SOC and vehicle state once per day, and shutting off remote access and other background features consuming power otherwise.

Include a special cabin overheat that purges hot air once or twice, mid-day, if enabled.

Have a trip return date option so the car can wake up the day you're arriving back to the car for... more »


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Garage Mode Selected

Have the car auto automatically select "Garage Mode" when the car detects that you are in the garage. Just like Home link knows you're home. This mode leaves the car unlocked so that you can come back whenever to get something inside, load golf bags, even charge without having to get a key to get into your own car in your garage.


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Summer Mode

Don't need 20% (2 of the 10 icons) taken up with seat heaters that I will never use if I live in a hot climate.

Phase 1: Implement summer mode (manual toggle) and replace the 2 icons with more useful features such as phone or energy graph.

Phase 2: Implement auto detection when temperature exceeds x degrees then remove seat icons.

Phase 3: Let user re arrange and select from all icons like on an iPad dock.


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Sleep Mode for the Display

the display should have a "sleep" mode for those times when it just intrudes, like an unwanted third person in the car. In sleep mode you'd get just a dark screen with the speed subtly displayed in the upper left corner. A tap or a trigger (an alert from the car of any kind) would bring back the display. We've got enough screens in our lives; there are times when it would be great to just cruise down the road and not... more »


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Setting to turn off (or adjust) electronically-dimmed mirrors

The auto dimmed mirrors on the model 3 are too dark, especially if you have tinted windows it makes the mirrors useless and the car is difficult to drive at night. A setting to disable the auto-dimming mirrors would work, or a slider where we can adjust how much they dim. Currently they do not rely on the brightness of headlights behind the vehicle, they simply default to max dimming which is too dark without tint and... more »


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Model 3 switch to Standard mode when accelerating in Chill mode

For the Model 3 it needs to be much simpler to switch from chill mode to standard mode when you want to overtake quickly. I much prefer to drive in chill mode as I find it is a much nicer journey experience for the rest of the passengers, but it would be great if Tesla could get the car to detect the accelerator being depressed fully and automatically switch to standard mode until it is eased off, then revert to chill... more »


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