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Adapter for Mobile Connector to charge one Tesla from another EV

It would be awesome to have the ability to get a charge from another EV when stranded on the side of the road by connecting an adapter to the Gen 2 Mobile connector that will allow for Tesla to Tesla charging. The screen can be used to determine the amount of charge to be transferred (10%, 20%, etc.). A J1772 adapter can be used to adapt a non Tesla EV charge port into a Tesla charge port. This would act as a sort of... more »


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Mobile App


An incentive mechanism for EV owners; TeslaToken

TeslaToken (TT) can be an ERC20 token built and run on top of Ethereum blockchain. Supply of TT will be predetermined and limited (ex: 50 TTs every 10 mins until 21m reached..) Clearing of transactions will be done in a decentralized manner in Ethereum blockchain while supply of TT will be done via Tesla. Newly minted TT will only enter the system(become part of circulating... more »


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