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Assigned Supercharging Stall Number

Its takes a lot of savvy to know which is the best stall when you get to a SuperCharger. Most people aren't aware of how SuperChargers are paired up for example. And/or it can sometimes be difficult to even know which stall is which b/c the numbers on the stall might have worn off. Or worse, not all stalls are the same (ie, V1, V2, or V3).

The idea would be to simply suggest which stall is the best stall for you. Tesla... more »


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Enter radius for map data download

Map data can take a long time and a lot of data to download. This would be reduced if we had an option to better specify what data to download. For example, download data within 100 (or whatever) number of miles from where the car is located.


Or perhaps this would be the default and then there could be a control to download all data.


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Allow users to add safety points of interest (POI) to maps

Supporting WAZE has already been submitted but another option may be to allow users to load manually, or from a file, speed and red light cameras in the same way Garmin support these with Garmin Cyclops. Having this situational awareness is an important safety feature, and something I really miss now that I no longer have a $150 Garmin GPS.


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