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Collision Avoidance Honk

Many accidents occur on major roads and freeways when a car makes a lane change, only to side-swipe another vehicle in the next lane. This type of collision usually happens so fast that the driver that gets hit, doesn't have a chance to avoid the collision or even honk the horn as a warning. Tesla should include a safety option that would allow the vehicle to automatically honk at a potential side-swipe/blind-spot collision.... more »


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AP Should Create a "Rescue Alley" When in Traffic Jams

When navigating through a sluggish rolling traffic jam (which the sensors recognize), it would be great if the autopilot would default to "stay the most left or right depending on the lane you are in". To allow the passing of rescue vehicles. We call this a "Rettungsgasse" in German that translates to "evacuation alley". Right now I need to steer manually to stay tucked to the side of the lane which is really annoying... more »


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Add a "learn" mode to teach the car to do something. Unverified Translation

Every day, on the way home, I pass through an area in which the autopilot does not work correctly, even having to correct it so as not to have an accident.

Once I get home, my vehicle never recognizes my parking space.

I would like to be able to activate a "learning" mode by voice command.

Once this mode is activated, for a preset time, the car will learn how to deal with a situation, and it will adapt it for the autopilot.... more »


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