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close vented windows if it starts to rain

Sometimes a summer thunderstorm will popup and just start dumping water without much notice. It would be great if the car would close the windows automatically.

A few ideas would be:

* Send notification about the rain and ask if you want to close the windows

* If there's a downpour, automatically close them (set that as an option)

Other ideas:

After the rain has stopped, ask permission or automatically vent the windows... more »


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Variable Speed Braking Indicators Edited

How many of us have almost rear ended someone because we have no idea how abruptly the person in front of us has applied the brakes. With the current binary brake indication system, (brake applied=light on; brake not applied=light off) other motorists have no relative way of judging stopping speed. Picture the visual readout of a Stereo Equalizer. As the levels increase, more bars light up. Apply this to a bank of main... more »


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