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Trunk Open / Windows Down / Car Unlocked Reminders Implemented

Often we walk away from the car and forget to roll up the window or the trunk might not be closed all the way. If would be great if the could be alerts sent to your phone if:

  • left keys in the car and its unlocked
  • trunk or frunk not closed
  • windows not closed


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automatic frunk opening (no app, no car display required)

it has always annoyed me, now with a little baby on my arm it annoys me even more

to get access to the frunk, e.g. with full hands in front of the supermarket, i either have to operate the tesla app or climb into the interior and open the frunk on the display. it's really annoying!


microphone/sonic sensor in the interior


if i e.g. knock 3 times on a window and at the same time i am connected with... more »


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