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More control over regen braking

I would love to have more manual input to the regen braking while driving. As a long-time manual driver who lives in the mountains I find it very hard on the leg to constantly feather the accelerator while dropping down long, winding descents.

The current regen mode does not allow for prolonged gliding or sharper regen when entering sharp bends, similar to changing down gears.

If we could have three or even four levels... more »


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touchscreen display simplification

For drivers who need reading glasses the current Model 3 screen is a safety hazard - can the display be simplified or options provided to enhance specific data elements?

Without reading glasses on, I cannot read some of the popup warnings at a glance (as I hope they were intended to be). The phone, radio station and other music info is also minimally ledgible for me. I cannot wear the reading glasses while driving as... more »


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Police Light sensors.

A Police light sensor that restricts speed when detecting police lights or sirens. You're driving down the road with your music blaring and not paying attention to your surroundings and a police officer is on the chase. But you're in the way, well with the sensor on the Tesla, it will automatically slow your car down, turn down your music and notify you on your screen. Thus resulting in you safely pulling over allowing... more »


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Seat sensors

My kids tend to lean over the middle seat while driving. The weight on their leaning arm activates an audible and visible alarm. Every time they do this is a false alarm for me. While an alert is very useful, as a driver I want to be able to override or disable this when I'm sure they didn't undo their seatbelts.

Bottom line: in my Mercedes it didn't unnecessarily alert me. In the Tesla it does.


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