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Easy Entry turns off when passenger detected behind driver

Have an option to turn off Easy Entry when the seat sensor detects a passenger behind the driver.

Problem: A driver profile has the Easy Entry enabled and moves the seat all the way back when the car is put into park. But if there is a passenger behind the driver they will instantly be struck with horror as they see the seat slowly moving toward them like the crushing walls of so many action films. Paralyzed with... more »


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Mobile App

Assign Mobile Phone to Profile and Key Selected

Sometimes when there are two mobile phones in the car, the car will connect to the passenger's phone instead of the driver's phone. It would make more sense if the car knew which mobile phone was connected to which driver profile and then automatically switch to the active profile when you get in the car.

Edit: Just to clarify some confusion here, this idea is referring to the Bluetooth connection of the phone (not the... more »


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Telemetry data

Add car software ability to send fleet managers and parents of young drivers data regarding speed, acceleration and braking, following time, passengers via seat sensors, time spent, and gaps in vehicle operation. (There should also be an acceleration-limiting feature for fleet users and "teen mode," without having to use Valet Mode, as has already been suggested here.)


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Driver preference adjustments

Tesla autonomous driving software


Have range adjustments + or - by driver

In several areas

Could start off with fairly low amount of adjustment and see what the feedback is.

Lane hugging so you can adjust to your preference by a foot or two right or left

Lane change cutting off drivers

Again distance adjustment

Distance to vehicles in front

Acceleration aggression when getting on the freeway

Degree... more »


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