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Car Wash Mode Implemented

Car wash mode:


* Turn off sonar sounds

* Fold in side mirrors

* Recirculate air

* Deactivate auto windshield wipers

* Keep car in neutral (even if seat belt unbuckled or get up front seat)

* Play Outkast's "So Fresh and So Clean"

* Confirm windows are all the way up

* Disable charge port door opening (in case it gets opened by mistake while in the automatic car wash


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Open hatch to preset height only when at home location

On my Model S, I can set the height to which the back hatch will open. I have it set so that it can open in my garage without hitting the ceiling. It would be nice if the car could use the GPS and only limit the height when I am home. That way it would open all the way when I am not in the garage.


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