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Display Both % and Miles Remaining Implemented

There are people that like Coke vs Pepsi. Some wash their legs when they shower and some don't. Is the shoe pink or gray? Some controversies are never resolved.


But, can we all agree to display battery % remaining AND miles remaining at the same time? Then we would all be happy.


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Heads Up Display (HUD)

A Heads Up Display would be great especially for Model 3, Y and the Cybertruck where there is no other display in front of the driver.

As FSD advances, and the car does most of the driving, the center screen will get more use for entertainment by passengers.
The driver should get to see some basics like battery, speed, speed limit and navigation data or warnings in the HUD.


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Customize Display

Like one can customize nearly every aspect/component of a screen display (based on a series of pre-determined styles) using an Apple Watch display. We should be able to do that with the right side of the model 3 type displays. For example sometimes I might just want the entire right side to go into dark mode, show a big digital clock. Or maybe flash stock prices, or sports scores,.. etc.


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Passenger seat operation via central screen in Tesla Model 3 Unverified Translation

During long car journeys on the motorway, the front passenger may fall asleep while the seat is reasonably 'upright'. This can be an uncomfortable position for that person. The driver cannot reposition that passenger seat as the controls are out of reach on the right side of the seat.

Is it possible, via an OTA update, to provide a pop-up menu of the seat on the central screen with next to it touch buttons to change... more »


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When Hold is engaged, turn 0 speed indicator Blue with H in it

When using the Hold feature at stoplights, it can be hard to see the white, small H indicator that shows Hold is engaged. On some occasions it isn't engaged. By changing the color of the 0 mph speed indicator and possibly add a small H inside it, the driver will have a much clearer and safer confirmation that Hold is actually engaged.


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DISPLAY MILES/KWH & BOTH Battery status and Miles

Tesla currently displays the energy efficiency in watt hours. Everyone who has owned a gas car and used to miles per gallon has it ingrained in their head that the HIGHER the number, the better the efficiency. However, using watt hours is the inverse and so it's just the opposite.

The LOWER the number the more efficient.


Moreover, when we want to quickly calculate how many miles we are adding or what we think our... more »


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