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Auto Close of windows

Sensor that detects rain could sense rain when parked and auto close windows if they are "vented"... At minimum if push alerts are set it could send a message to the user that asks "close windows?" when rain is detected... I frequently use the vent option for the windows in my car (live near atlanta) however I don't always see that it is raining until it is too late. I believe the hardware is all installed, just a little... more »


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Open windows remotely

Have an option to lower and raise windows remotely to allow easier access with frameless doors in tight spaces without using summon and also to vent the car before you get to it in hot weather, and also linked to rain sensor so that they auto close if it rains.


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Auto Wiper adjustment

Since the auto wiper function is AI-based it should quickly understand and remember that when I regularly push the manual wipe button, I want the frequency to increase. How else could it be doing deep learning? This is my only way to tell the algorithm that it waits too long between wiping.


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Rear fog lights

Add rear fog lights like the Model X has for all vehicles. In fog or heavy rain, dust, etc, the only thing other safe way to drive slowly is with flashers on, and no one should have to drive in a way that prevents them from using turn indicators. These should come on automatically when an object approaches quickly from the rear and/or when the highest frequency state of the windshield wipers is active.


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