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Tri-view of Left, Rear and Right cameras

The new firmware version 24.6.1 adds left and right repeater camera side views on each side of the rear camera view when we are in Reverse or Parking Assist mode

Okay Tesla, you have shown me what you can do. Now I need you to give me this option.

Give me a single row of views just like the one where the left repeater is showing and the right repeater is showing, but put the rear view the same sizes as each of those... more »


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De-Fishing of Rear Camera While Driving

An optional button to enable dynamic "de-fishing" to present a display similar to a normal rear view mirror in terms of field of view. It's pretty simple to do and it would solve the issue of the image cutting off too much of the bottom of the view.


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camera upgrade

tesla should look to update its cameras to 4k or 8k capable. this will allow more detail at a distance in dash cam mode, which are mostly 1080p (check youtube). in addition when want to see vision zoomed in it is too pixelated to see details but also the AI can make out more details but also needs to have HDR included.but if update these also update the touch screen to take advantage


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Rear Camera frequency change

With most cars having LED headlights it seems we are being pulled over by the police.

It would be great if the screen refresh was quicker (or slower) than most LED's to avoid the panic situation of thinking there is an emergency vehicle behind you while displaying the rear camera onscreen.


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